Commercial Crime Investigation Journalist Workshop (Media Industry)

Course Code: MM44

Commercial Crime Investigation Journalist Workshop (Media Industry)

Course Content/Outline:

As the Centre of Excellence for Millennial Media, participants will be guided by experience Commercial Crime Journalist to prepare for the millennial challenges in breaking news. Participants will be train as an investigation journalist with related skills to produce breaking story following the journalism ethics and Malaysia’s Law. The effectiveness of breaking story will be based on mining ample data for facts, support content, and implications. By introduce new skills including data gathering and mining important informations, participant will have courage to explore more breaking news opportunity and produce it in a proper way by protecting their interest and the media company from lawsuit. 

  • Introduction: Challenges & Possibilities Millennial Media 
  • Investigation Journalist vs Bloggers, Cyberthroopers
  • Familiarization with new media sources: dark web, data pools and big data
  • Commercial Crime Investigations Journalist Skills Set
  • Safe Story! Protect Your Interest. Learn laws related to public interest, Journalism Ethics
  • Copyright your effort.


14 hours (2 days)


Targeted Industries:

Media Industry


This course is offered to officers, professionals, media practitioners, and editors in media industry.