Workshop Online Education & Webinar (Education & Training Industry)

Course Code: MM81

Workshop Online Education & Webinar (Education & Training Industry)

Course Content/Outline:

As the Centre of Excellence for Millennial Media, Volt On will integrated teaching and learning methodology to the online platform in helping better communication and more effective online educations. Participants will be guided to prepare for the educational online teaching and training process using a digital platform. The effectiveness of communication in an online platform will be based on mining ample data for facts and support content, online presentation thru video contents, graphics, live streaming, and structural content.

  • Introduction: Challenges & Possibilities in Online Education & Webinar
  • Fundamental Live Streaming Education vs Webinar
  • Familiarization with Live Streaming Tools; Hangout Meet, Webex, Zoom
  • Producing Digital Education Content; Basic Video Editing, Graphics, Product Pix
  • Real-Time Discussion and Q&A Platform
  • Support Apps for Online Education; Kahoot


14 hours (2 days)


Targeted Industries:

Training Industry, Conference Service Providers, and Education Industry.


This course is offered to officers, professionals, teachers, and lecturers in the education or training industry.