VIP Intensive Media Exposure

Course Code: MM68

VIP Intensive Media Exposure

Course Content/Outline:

This 1 days intensive training program will be focussing on developing media skills amongst Senior Managers, Spoke Person and Top-Level personnel. Participants will be introduce to the industry best practice on media interviews, media events and preparing them for media crisis. This training will be conduct by professional media practitioner and experienced social media managers.

  • Traditional Media, New Media & Internal Media
  • Understanding Responsibility – PR, Business Journalist, Reporter, New Media, Bloggers, Influencer, Cybertroopers
  • Millennial Media Protocol: Press Conference, Exclusive Interview, Online/Phone Interview and ‘Jolok’ Interview Session
  • Utilizing Millennial Media Tools: Pre-Event Talking Points, Press Release, Speech, Media Analysis, Data/Report
  • Media/Communication Crisis in Millennial Era – How to mitigate the risk.
  • Digital Media Challenges – New Media & Social Media.


7 hours (1 days)


Targeted Industries:

Services, Tourisms, Banking, Education and Manufacturing Industry


Senior Managements / Professionals / Executives / Company’s spoke person. This preparatory program is suitable for those with significant responsibilities as company's spokesperson, or newly appointed executives who need exposure to media.