Social Media Managers

Course Code: MM60

Social Media Managers

Course Content/Outline:

This 2 days training will be focussing on developing Millennial skills specifically for Social Media Managers. Participants will be introduce to two crucial knowledge for social managers, ie; digital marketing and producing digital content. This training will be conduct by professional media practitioner and experienced social media managers.

  • Strategic Positioning for New Media in Millennial Media Skills
  • Definitions on New Media and its Challenges
  • Latest development in Social Media Industry
  • Millennial Skills : Digital Content Producer
  • Content: Graphics, Pictures, Videos, Promotions Design, Live Streaming
  • Millennial Skills : Digital Marketing
  • Growth strategy: organic vs exponential
  • Millennial Media Plan: Investing in New Media / Internal Media
  • Advertisements, FB Ads, Influencers, ‘Free Ads’
  • Internal Media – Tuning to Powerful Social Media
  • Exposure To Advance Media Tool – Influencer, Cybertroopers, Big Data, Engagement Report, SocMed Listening Tools, Data Collections Tools.
  • New Norm in New Media – Social Commerce!
  • Media/Communication Crisis in Millennial Era – How to mitigate the risk.
  • Digital Media Challenges – Legality, Copyright, Legal Action, ‘Cytro’ Attack


14 hours (2 days)


Targeted Industries:

Services, Tourisms, Banking, Education and Manufacturing Industry


This course is offered to Professionals, Executive and any individual with responsibilities to support / manage social media for hotel, company, corporate or government agency.