Millennial Media Intrapreneurship

Course Code: MM41

Millennial Media Intrapreneurship

- Powering Your Media Practitioner with Marketing Skills

Course Content/Outline:

Workshop will be focussing on commercialization skills specifically on media content and harnessing intrapreneurship talent among media practitioners. By powering the media staff with marketing skills, it will eventually support the company to sell their product better and promoting their in-house product to the prospective client. At the end of this training session, the participant will understand the basic marketing strategy and skills, the procedure to get an advertiser for any media project, leading an advertorial project, understand the prospective client’s need, and becoming a presentable marketer for the company without compromising journalism ethics.

  • Introduction: Fundamental of Millennial Media Commercialization
  • Journalism Ethics vs Marketing Ethics
  • Getting Ready for the New Venture – From Media Relationships to Business Relationships.
  • Understand Your Media Product and Marketing Incentives
  • Marketing Skills for Newbie – Understand Your Advertiser’s Needs
  • Approach, Up-Sale, and Close Deal
  • Millennial Media Strategy – Marketing Skills Upgrade
  • Flame-up Your Product Competency
  • Leading an Advertorial Project


14 hours (2 days)


Targeted Industries:

Media Industry


This course is offered to media practitioners; journalists, editors, videographers, photographers, and Senior Management at any level of the media industry.

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